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The Boo Box

Amazing Screw-On Head series, and Helen's notes

Sci-Fi has been brewing an animated half-hour series based on Mike Mignola (Hellboy)'s one-shot comic "The Amazing Screw-On Head"

Casting has apparently already begun, and the series will debut sometime this year.

Profile from Dark Horse:
a review:

For those of you who haven't read it, Screw-On Head is cool beyond words. He's a secret agent for the U.S. Government working during the time of the civil war. It has a great Jules-Verne-y style to it, all the more accentuated by Mignola's environments. Think of it as Atlantis: The Lost Empire except as a parody of itself. Great stuff.

I've also saved Helen's 52 acting notes by Ed Hook. Download them here
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